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    Anime NJ++!

    Hello and happy holiday season! We hope everything is well with you. Popping in to update you on where we’ll be in December The convention is called Anime NJ, held in Woodcliff Lake, NJ! It’s a first year convention, and our first anime event. We’re pretty excited about going, and glad to have a new event local to us New Jersey natives! So if you’re in the Hudson Valley area, be sure to visit.

  • Artist Alleys

    Flame Con 2023

    What a wonderful show this was! Our first Flame Con, and many of you came out to see us! We’re so grateful for all our visitors, and the volunteers who helped make it a fun and very safe event. We’re quite happy with the way it was set up and would do it again in a heartbeat, hopefully with a full table next time around…! Expect a mini artist alley vlog soon! Since we’re local (NJ based), Flame Con was the perfect fit for us and our art. We enjoy making stories, comics and zines, and are very indie when it comes to publishing our stuff. We feel encouraged and…

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    Volt’s Influence Map

    I’ll admit, my influence map is a little all over the place, and there’s a lot that I actually don’t have on here- I wanted to really work my brain for the themes and artists that recur or that I constantly refer back to, so that meant not just reaching for a bunch of Disney or anime from my childhood and calling it done (Not that there is anything wrong with that). Artists JC Leyendecker: (Top left) One my my current inspirations and has been for quite some years now. I learned about him and the way that he made art. He led quite the fascinating life. Some of my…